Bidhita Rai – the granddaughter of Hum Jayega

Bidhita, the "Naughty little girl" of Hum Jayega has established herself has a media personality. He used to read news in Kantipur Television during the 2008s and is currently living in the UK. Bidhita explains herself:

A happy-go-lucky person is how I prefer to describe myself ! God has been kind to me and life has been a smooth journey…and it will continue to remain as such. (I am an optimist and I know how to turn negative into positive…just in case…)

She says that didn’t inherit the funny bones of Hum Jayega but, she feels proud to be related so closely to one of the greatest joke teller in Nepali language.  Proud to be hailing from Nepal, a land that proudly possesses the tallest mountain of the world, the Mount Everest, she binds herself with the Nepali culture and tradition.


She started her university as a Chemistry student, but ended up working in unimaginable job – as a media person. Interviewing people, writing stories, taking pictures, making documentaries for TV and radio and designing websites was something she never imagined she would be doing in her life. Yet, to her surprise and a matter of proudness, she has established herself as a multimedia journalist. A strong believer of destiny, Bidhiti believes her destiny has driven her into doing things I never occurred of even in her wildest dreams.


If you are interested to learn more about the beautiful Bidhita, you can read more in her own blog and her personal page in the company she works.


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