Be Silent

Our Hum Jayega got an opportunity to fly to a nearby country. Hum Jayega had never flied before and hence was quite excited although tense.
Once he boarded the plane, a BOEING 707 Hum Jayega started jumping in excitement, jumping from seat to seat and shouting ‘BOEING! BOEING!! BOEING!!! BO….’.
He forgot all about the surroundings and the shouting reached the cock-pit.
Irritated by the sound, the Pilot came out and shouted ‘BE SILENT! ‘.
There was a pin-drop silence everywhere and everybody was looking at the Hum Jayega and the angry Pilot.

Hum Jayega stared at the Pilot in silence for a moment and the next moment was shouting, ‘OEING! OEING!! OEING!!! OE…’.

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