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The manager too doesn’t like it

One day Hum Jayega went to a restaurant to have lunch. The lunch didn’t taste like anything. It was the most most awful lunch he had ever had.

Hum Jayega called the waiter, “Hey! What is this? What type of lunch do you serve. Call the manager. I want to talk with him about it."

The waiter replied, “Sorry sir, he is having lunch in another restaurant. He too doesn’t like having lunch here.”


job_appl_formOnce Hum Jayega was filling up an application form for a job.

He filled all the columns like Name, Age, Address and so on… until he reached the column titled Sex.

He was not sure what to be filled in there. After much thinking, he wrote

"Thrice a week".

He submitted the form to the secretary. She turned red and told him that was not right answer. She said, "Just fill in either Male or Female."

Hum Jayega was in trouble again. After a long thoughts he came up with an answer. The secretary nearly fainted when she read:

"Preferably Females."